Car Racing and a Fireplace

We finally got around to putting new gas logs in our fireplace and cleaning it out. So now we can enjoy a cozy fire! The boys love it.


Click to see video of Evan telling about the fire. Smile

Last week the boys raced their cars in the Awana Grand Prix. Unfortunately, they did not go very fast. Will’s didn’t even make it all the way down the track! We will have to work on improvements for next year’s race. But they enjoyed working on the cars and had fun at the race.


We finished reading Little House on the Prairie and decided to “play” Little House with Lincoln Logs. We made a covered wagon and cabin.


Sweet Boys

We were very sick last weekend and the boys took care of us. They made us supper and get-well cards.


Rice Krispies with milk (Will poured it by himself), a pop tart, and cup of water. Isn’t that adorable? Sadly, I was too sick to eat it. Sad smile We appreciated it and were so touched that several days after, we wrote them a nice thank-you and surprised them with a toy.

DSC05420Will was a good brother to read to Evan. One afternoon they went to the neighbor’s house to play, which was fun for them and good for us!

Click for video

Thankfully we are on the mend…although the coughs seem to linger. I suppose we might have them all winter long!

New Bedroom Setup

Will thought it would be fun to rearrange his bed and not be on the top bunk, so we separated the bends and it looks good that way! The boys like it, and it sure is much easier to change the sheets.


I think Evan would love to be in a room with the older boys, but I told him he has to start sleeping through the night first! Doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon!

Trying on Daddy’s shoes.



DSC05187This was when they put together Will’s new Imperial Walker he got for Christmas.

This was when Aunt Erin was visiting and we took Will to see The Nutcracker. Maybe next year Owen can go too.