Birthday Boys

Will and Evan had a fun birthday weekend. Will got to go to Strikes & Spares with his friend Gavin and they enjoyed bowling, mini golf, and some arcade games. Evan had a nap and didn’t know he was missing out!

We got a few videos of the boys opening presents, although the camera must have shut off when Will was opening his. I’m not sure what happened.




DSC06038Owen, Will and Gavin


Will is getting really good at darts! We’ve had fun playing together.

Two weeks ago I went to Indianapolis with some friends for a MOPS conference. We had a wonderful time and Josh had some fun things planned with the boys. They had a campout.



momcon 2015

Will enjoys reading with Evan (Evan has been really into books lately).

Lastly, a few pictures of Evan going to “school”. He did really well and I will probably take him 3 or 4 times a month for a few hours.

One more – picture of Owen and Will ready for Awana. DSC06001

Will’s Triathlon

Will did really well this year! And he didn’t have any problems with his bike. He was fast! He won first place in his group and got a trophy and medal. The boys had fun afterwards playing in the play place, getting free food, and getting fun balloon shapes (they waited in line for an hour!).


Evan was really happy playing in the playground area.


Click here for video: Will’s triathlon 2015

Happy Birthday, Owen!

DSC05659Owen requested baked oatmeal for his birthday breakfast and he got a candle in it.

DSC05670Owen wanted to go to the bounce house with his friend Daniel and Will.


Josh set up an obstacle course for the kids.



Wagon from Grandpa Art and Grammy! Click here to watch video.

We decorated the boys bedroom. It took us about a week and they were not allowed to come inside until it was all done. It’s a space/planet theme! Also has glow-in-the-dark planet and star stickers. When the light shines through the curtains it looks really cool! Click here watch video.


They were so excited. They love it!

Will only has 4 more days of school!