More activities

Last year Josh helped Will make a cross so he could play church.  It’s pretty big, and Owen has started playing with it, but has trouble being careful with it.  So he made them each a smaller cross.  They went to Ace Hardware together and had a fun time working on them.  Now they like to carry their crosses together and sing “Praise God” which Owen calls “ye Dod”.  He will often come up to us and ask to sing “ye Dod” (the doxology).  It’s adorable!  He also likes “Bible” which is “Jesus Loves me”.   6-2-12 crosses 6-2-12 crosses (1)

Josh had a day off a few weeks ago and we all went to SciWorks together.  The boys and I went with the MOPS group when we first moved here, and Will loved it but Owen was still a baby.  This time he was old enough to enjoy it (he was very frightened by the snakes, even though they were behind glass).

 6-11-12 SciWorks (1) 6-11-12 SciWorks (3) 6-11-12 SciWorks (4) I guess we didn’t get too many pictures, but we did have a nice time.

I tried another pinterest activity, this one not quite as messy as the fingerpaint episode.  Still wore me out though.  Playdough cookies!

6-12 playdough cookies (1)6-12 playdough cookies (2)

6-12 playdough cookies

Josh said he wasn’t a huge fan of these cookies, but then he kept going back to sneak more!  I thought they were delicious.  But the grape flavor didn’t get very purple.

6-12 The boys have been helping Josh to yardwork.  Last week Will helped wash and wax the van.  He was a great helper!

We got to see the Vishanoff family this weekend.  They were on a trip visiting friends and family on the east coast and they stopped by to see us.  The boys had so much fun with them (we all did)!

6-22-12 visit from Vishanoff Family 6-22-12 visit from Vishanoff Family (1) 6-22-12 visit from Vishanoff Family (4)6-22-12 visit from Vishanoff Family (2)

We are looking forward to seeing Grandpa Lonnie and Grandma Loma in less than 2 weeks!  Yeah.

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